How It Started

Early in my childhood, I realized I have a desire to make things. I enjoyed building models, tying flies, and built a fishing pole. I was restricted from using my father’s tools, but allowed access to my mother’s sewing materials. Her sewing machine was off limits, so I taught myself to hand-sew. I developed my own patterns and hand-stitched everything I created.

My First Hat

I designed and sewed my first hat when I was just a kid. My brother and I rode a Honda 70cc motor bike and our helmet was so big it required a hat under it to fit on my head. I had always wanted a raccoon (skin) hat and thought the tail would look cool hanging out from under the helmet. I was right.

Honing My Passion

Junior-High and High School finally provided access to shop tools and I studied welding, foundry and wood working. Since then, metal and wood working tools haven’t always been easily accessible, but hand-sewing has remained an accessible and rewarding form of creativity. From adding a leopard-skin lining to a leather jacket, or hide-away ear muffs in a derby hat, sewing projects have always been in process.

Joe Daddy Designs Was Born

During the long, wet season here in Seattle, I wanted something to protect my ears from the cold and keep my glasses dry in the rain, I could never find the perfect hat for this, so I began to engineer my own. Once I finalized the general design, I continued to fine-tune the shape and details, and experiment with materials. The result is my signature Joe Daddy Designs style hat; uniquely practical, stylish and cool.

I Am An Engineer

I attained a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington. In my last semester there, I was fortunate to attend a furniture design course where I acquired an appreciation for functional art. Every hat I design is intended to be a piece of art that is worn and showcased in public.

All of my hats are custom designed and made from the highest quality fabrics, hide, and fur, and many are created from recycled materials. Because I use these unique materials in the construction of each hat, many of them can never be duplicated fully. Therefore, most are one of a kind.

The spider-web, goggle snap details, and label are meticulously hand stitched and sewn onto each hat by hand. All patches and extra detailing are hand sewn onto the hat as well. Each label includes the hat’s unique serial number. By purchasing a hat from Joe Daddy Designs, you are purchasing a numbered piece of art. Dressed up or down, these hats will uniquely accessorize your fall and winter wardrobes.